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10 HDR Aerial Drone Photos – Only $99

  • 10 HDR (High Dynamic Range) High Resolution Still Photos – HDR photos are created from a minimum of 5 different exposures that allows for near perfect lighting in all conditions.
  • Aerial Photos are taken at low, mid and maximum altitudes to best highlight your property, home, business and the surrounding areas.
  • All Aerial Photos are delivered to you by 5pm the following day.
  • What Is HDR Photography?

The photos below were for a Real Estate client that ordered the Aerial Drone Photography Package. (They ordered 10, but I delivered 14 because I always take about 30% more photos than you order to ensure you get the shots you need.) The client already had traditional ground photography of the home, but wanted aerial photos to highlight the lake above, the terrain and neighborhood around the home as well as how close the home was to nearby Gross Reservior. The use of a aerial drone photography vs traditional photos also allowed for extremely unique angles of the front of the home as well as the balcony outside the master bedroom. This is not my “best” shoot, but I wanted you to see what I consider a very average one that was custom to what a real estate agent needed for their listing. I downsized the photos here for easy upload, but always deliver full sized photos so that a client can use them online or in print up to wall sized photos if needed.