3D Renderings

3D Renderings – Perfect for Vacant Lots or Homes Still Under Construction

Your solution very well could be a 3D Rendering. With interest rates rising and the home market cooling off, sellers and their real estate agents alike are feeling the pressure to sell as quick as possible. But what if the home is still under construction or is still a vacant lot but you have approved plans? 3D renderings to the rescue! Below is a sample of a 3D rendering we just completed for a listing in Berthoud, Colorado. With labor shortages putting the completion of many homes way behind schedule, the sellers were wanting to show what the home would look like upon completion. (verses the current state without all siding or landscaping)

Step 1 in Creating a 3D Render / Photo – Get Current Photos

1. Step One – We took an aerial photo of the current state of the home and lot. (Front and Rear)
Rear Elevation Aerial Photo – Still Under Construction

Step Two in Creating a 3D Render / Photos- Create 3D Model and Rendering from Blueprints

Blueprint of Front Elevation of the Home
Blueprint of the Rear Elevation of the Home

Step Three in Creating a 3D Render / Photos – Combine the Image with the 3d Rendering

3D Rendering of Home Combined with Current Aerial Photo – Front Elevation
3D Rendering of Home Combined with Current Aerial Photo – Rear Elevation

If you are considering a 3D rendering for a vacant lot or a home that is currently under construction, please contact me, Charlie Halsell, directly for a quote at 720-722-6777. Prices vary according to square footage and complexity of the design of a home. To give you an idea of costs, the project above was $150 to get the aerial photos, and $450 each for the front and rear rendering or $1050 total. This cost can go up quickly if custom changes are requested, (to the siding, stonework, landscaping etc) and billed by the hour for design and editing.