Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Do More Than Just Drone Photography and Video?
    Yes!!! Although I was one of the first in the nation to get a drone pilots license, I had already been doing traditional photography and video for nearly 2 decades in the Santa Barbara, California area.
  • Do You Require a Deposit?
    No, I send an online invoice, payable by debit or credit card, after I send your finished photos and video. (Due upon receipt, unless you make prior arrangements for me to finance your shoot at 10% per 30days)
  • Who Will Take My Photos and/or Video?
    All Photography and Video is captured by owner/operator Charlie Halsell with over 20yrs experience.
  • When Will I Get My Edited Photos and Video?
    Photos – Always at 5pm the day after your shoot. 9am and Noon Rush Orders are available when booking. ( $39 for Noon Rush and $69 for 9am Rush )
    Video – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum package video is delivered by 5pm the day after you receive your photos. (Video is a combination of actual drone footage and your edited photos)
    Virtual Walkthrough Video – (100% Video) For simple shoots, (less than 2000 sq ft) I can almost always deliver at 5pm the day after your shoot. For larger or luxury homes with lots of details to feature, edited video goes through at least 2 in-house revisions, so plan on 5pm the 2nd day after your shoot.
  • What is the Cost of Your Services?
    All of my Residential Real Estate Pricing can be found HERE.
    For Commercial Real Estate projects and the increased time on site and editing, it is generally about twice the cost of my Residential Real Estate Pricing. Please email me with the details of your shoot at for an accurate quote on all commercial shoots.
  • How Long Will Our Session Take?
    Bronze and Silver Packages take 45min to an hour on site.
    Gold and Platinum take about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. (book 2 adjoining time slots)
    Aerial photos only takes about 30min.
    Aerial photos and video takes about 1 hour.
    Virtual Walkthrough Videos take 1 – 3 hours depending on the size of the home.
  • Do You Backup Images and Video for Protection?
    Yes!!! I never delete a single photo or video and create a permanent folder just for you. It is best to bookmark the Dropbox link I send you so you can access your media 24 hours a day, but you can contact me 5 years after your shoot and I can re-send you it in a flash!
  • Do I Have to Pay Again if I Want to Use my Photos or Video After My Listing Has Ended?
    Aw shoot heck No! This is uncommon and therefore one of my more competitive features. You can not sell my images or video to another person or entity, but may use them for your own online or print marketing for-e-Ver!!!
  • What is Your Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy?
    An empty time slot for me is like an empty hotel room, it is ready and set aside for you whether you show up or not. The best way to avoid rescheduling/cancellation fees is:
    1. Wait to book until you are positive the property will be ready.
    2. Give me as much notice as possible. (No reschedule/cancellation fee if your time slot re-books.)
    See my full Cancellation Policy HERE.