Cancellation Policy

If I am able to book someone else in your time slot, there is no cancellation fee.

Less than 72 hours notice – 15% Cancellation Fee

Less than 48 hours notice – 25% Cancellation Fee

Less than 24hrs notice – 50% Cancellation Fee

Things happen I understand. My cancellation fee allows me to recoup a small portion of the loss of a shoot, but I’ve found over the years that more importantly it keeps 99% of shoots on schedule, which benefits everyone involved. If at all possible, please wait to book until the home is ready to shoot. (This like flooring or landscaping being installed, or major repairs that still need to be made often take much longer than expected with our current labor shortage.) In the case that something comes up, please let me know right away by text or email and I will do my best to fill that time slot.

Thanks so much for your understanding and feel free to call me directly if you have any questions,

Charlie Halsell
Owner/Operator of Boulder Drone
cell – (720)722-6777