Real Estate Photography and Video for the Entire Denver and Boulder Area (Both Ground and Aerial)

Real Estate Photography
Aerial Photo of a Home in Longmont, Colorado by Charlie Halsell of
Real Estate Video for Listing in Golden, Colorado.

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Real Estate Photography
  • Service Minded ALL real estate photo shoots include, for free; Blue Sky Replacement, Fireplace “virtual fires”, virtual lawn repair and CLEAR views through the windows to feature each home listing in the best ways possible.
  • High Quality – I have almost 20 years of photography experiance and 7yrs of drone aerial photos and video.
  • FAST and Reliable – All photos delivered by 5pm the day after your shoot. (Video within 48hrs)
  • Friendly – I love what I do and enjoy working with Real Estate Agents to sell their homes as quickly as possible.
  • Every 5th Shoot is FREE! (I am happy to give back as a thank you for your loyalty.)
  • PRICING can be found throughout the descriptions below, and a simplified list can be found here – Real Estate Pricing

As a Real Estate Photographer, my #1 goal is to get potantial buyers into each home as quickly as possible so that the home sells above the asking price. I believe that Real Estate Photography is more than taking nice photos, it’s about helping every real estate agent market a home in the very best light possible. I have had very extensive formal training specific to Real Estate Photography in addition to over 2 decades of working as a professional photographer.

“I highly reccomend Charlie. Thanks to him, my last listing sold the first day it hit the market!”

Melissa R – Century 21 Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Photography

Selling your home as fast as possible. That what real estate photography is all about. I LOVE to get phone calls and emails letting me know that a home sold it’s first day on the market. I know how much work a real estate agent has to put into selling every home, so I do my absolute best to put the home and property in the best light possible. I have been very honored to provide photos and video for some of the largest companies in the country, (Hilton Hotels, The Golf Channel, even Chic-fil-A!), but I have also created extremely affordable real estate photography packages to keep me out doing what I love. I have listed my pricing at the bottom of this page below some of my real estate photos. I would love to work with you. Please give me a call today and let’s see how fast we can sell YOUR next home!

Real Estate Video

Below you can see some recent samples of the real estate videos I have done. The first one below I just finished for a real estate listing in Longmont, Colorado.

1.5 Minute “Fly Through” Video for YouTube and MLS Listing. I also can create a 60sec version for Instagram and 90sec for Facebook that can be shared with the click of a button.
Don’t let a little snow keep you from your next Real Estate Listing! Broomfield, Colorado
Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Pricing:

I use a minimum of 7 different exposures to create each photo for all of my real estate photos. (HDR – “High Dynamic Range” Processing) This give near perfect lighting to every room and even allows potential buyers to clearly see the view out each window. I have camera lenses that cost more than any car I’ve ever owned. This allows me to make even the small rooms common in older homes look spacious without any distortion.

The 2 Most Popular, HIGHLY Discounted, Bundled MLS Packages

At the request of many real estate agents, I have bundled the most requested items into one simple package that is ideal for MLS listings. It super discounted and includes interior and exterior stills, aerial stills and video. These are all delivered seperately so you can use the stills on MLS, your website, print, social media etc. All photos and video are yours to own and use however you like digitally or in print. I also create a MLS/Youtube/Social Media friendly video from all the stills and video footage so your clients get the entire overview of the property in one short video. (Like the video samples above) If it does not fit your needs, there are many more options if you scroll down past the “MLS Package” option below.

#1 – MLS Real Estate Package – $260

  • 5 HDR Aerial Stills
  • 35 HDR Interior/Exterior Stills
  • 1.5+ Minute MLS/Youtube/Social Media Friendly Video with classical guitar music. Video includes the best of all interior, exterior and aerial photos as well as “fly in-fly out” of the home aerial video as well as video footage of the surrounding scenic area if appropriate. See the VRBO Lake Home video above for a sample of this style of video. (Client Ordered this very package)

#2 – MLS Aerial Real Estate Video and Stills Package – $169

  • I created this package for the Patrick Dolan Team of Boulder. They wanted something specifically for their Instagram and it is now one of my most popular packages.
  • 10 HDR Aerial Stills (2-4 taken at different angles of roofline of home, 2-4 taken at 100 feet highlighting neighborhood, 2-4 taken at 400 feet to best highlight proximity to mountains, lakes, parks etc.
  • 1 Min “Fly In – Fly Out” Video Formatted for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and MLS – 55 to 60 sec video (5 sec variance to best match to music track – usually classic guitar) Edited video using aerial video clips that start at max 400 feet altitude to highlight the surrounding area, then fly RIGHT down to the home or property’s front door or best feature. Low altitude video clips are inserted that best highlight the home’s architecture and yards, then the video finishes off with a “Fly Away” aerial video clip that usually starts at the backyard (trees, powelines etc permitting) and then once again flys to the highest altitude that best highlights the property and surrounding area.

Aerial “Drone” HDR Photo Pricing

  • 10 HDR Aerials (Low to Mid Height – Highlighting Exterior and Neighborhood) – $99
  • 15 HDR Aerials (Low, Mid and Max Height – Highlighting Exterior, Neighborhood and Scenic Surrounding Area) – $149

Aerial “Drone” Video Pricing (formatted for MLS/Social Media)

These videos are designed to allow your clients to do a LOT of your marketing for you! (Many of their friends have already been inside the home, know the neighborhood, so they are quick to “Share” the video.) Often the neighbors get into the marketing as they hope to entice their friends to move next door. (If a Silver or Gold “ground” photo package is also purchased, then then the best of those photos can be included in the videos below at no extra cost.)

  • 60 sec High Definition MLS/Instagram Ready Aerial Video – $149
  • 90 sec High Definition MLS/Facebook Ready Aerial Video – $169
  • 2min High Definition MLS/YouTube Ready Aerial Video – $189
  • Premium Package – All 3 Videos above – $249

Twilight Shoots – Add $149

Twilight Shoots are a PERFECT solution for Winter Real Estate Listings! Trees without leaves and snow covered landscape can make for a less than impressive exterior. The answer??? Taking the photos just before sunrise or right after sunset causes the home to “glow” with lighting and also allows the interior to be visible through the windows. On the photo below, I also added the sunrise using photoshop as the sky that morning was clear, but did not have any impressive colors or clouds.

This very simple ranch stlye home really “Pops” with a Twilight Shoot! Broomfield, Colorado

Call me directly on my cell (720) 722-6777 to coordinate all twilight shoots. It is an additional $149 to change any package from daylight to twilight.

Neighborhood/Clubhouse 5 HDR Ground Stills – add $35

For offsite photos within the same neighborhood, (up to half mile away) it is an additional $35. 2 locations max. Add $10 for more locations.